How Many Cars in Rent Car Solo

Do you want to rent a car and you want to rent a car confused what kind? Relax, this time from we want to give to you, what kind of cars are rented in the rental car and how many people fit. Okay, without further ado, here is the kind of car rented in many of our car rental services Car Rental in Solo.

Car Types Most lots Rent Rental Mobil di Solo and magnitude


The first of course there Avanza car where the car itself has a charge fairly large and certainly very well suited for those of you who travel with their families in the long distances and certainly in a very long time.

Quota of Avanza is expected to reach 6 people. If only reached 6 people, I suggest not be imposed because of fears over quota and cars become shaky and jostling, it is very dangerous for the safety of all of you.


The third course there Innova car where the car is also almost similar to Avanza which only contains approximately 6 people and of course, as I said earlier, if you want to travel more than 6 people, I suggest you do not rent a car Innova and would not be forced too , endanger the safety of you.

APV own car lots leased in rental-car rental car because it is very well suited leased to people who want to travel long distances and a lot of people in Sewa Mobil di Solo.


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